Out of the Cauldron

Sans Merci was born at the crossroads.  "The Ledge" was the last song I wrote in Florida before moving across the country.  It was born from the powerful personal experiences I had at a spiritual retreat for queer men in September of 2017.  As I drove across the continent I was hypnotized by the dust devils.  I arrived in California with the Santa Ana wind at my back and it was there that "Dust Devil Dance" was created.

This is the kind of music that I always wanted to make.  I've had producers tell me to "be more commercial" and to "dumb it down a little."  Even independent artists are tempted to curb their art in the hopes of monetizing it.

Those days are done.  My work as a musician is intimately connected with my spiritual path, my function as a bard, and my community.  Music is magic and I believe it can be proudly magical.

As a commercial enterprise, "Mathew Sydney" has been on hiatus for about four years but I have not been idle.  I have been hard at work completing the compositions for Chosen a rock opera/musical about the seldom told story of the great love between David and Jonathan as told in the Bible.

I've also been composing other pieces and digging deeply into my spiritual calling.  Over these past few years I have become and initiate and then a teacher of The Unnamed Path, I am a co-host of a wildly popular podcast, Walking the Unnamed Path.  I have become a licensed minister and have had the privilege of giving sermons and writing pagan services for a Unitarian Universalist congregation.

I have also relocated form Palm Beach, Florida to San Diego, California, a life-changing choice made for deeply personal reasons.  

All I can say is this, "DO THE THING THAT SCARES YOU!"  The rewards are priceless!