Listen to Mathew Sydney being interviewed on Stonewall Live!  Mathew and Nate chat about music and new media.  Find out more about some of Sydney's influences, the significance of the playing cards in the artwork for 'The Game' and the real-life inspiration behind some of his songs.” -

Stonewall Live

Kevin Shuppe interviews singer-songwriter, Mathew Sydney about his music and his career.” - Kevin Shuppe

Lunch with Kevin on WPBR 1340 AM

L.Kimberly Smith & Gary Bondurant welcome you to Life With A Twist, the variety show that helps you turn your everyday life into an extraordinary experience! We are thrilled to welcome singer songwriter Mathew Sydney. Mathew Sydney is a prolific songwriter whose original music is distinctive for its classic sound and irresistible hooks. Broadly defined as “indie rock,” Sydney’s music draws on elements of country, folk and soul. Contemporary influences range from The White Stripes and Neko Case but his music is firmly rooted in the classic rock tradition of Neil Young, Lou Reed and Fleetwood Mac. I am more than excited to be in conversation with this awesome human being! Please follow Mathew on Twitter @MathewSydney and friend him on Facebook! He is a delight to those of us who have had the pleasure of meeting him!” - L. Kimberly Smith

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I met singer-songwriter Mathew Sydney in a bathroom line, and he completely satisfied me. Don't let that confuse you, cornchips; let a self-respecting carouser remind you that bathroom lines are for more than extracurricular cruising or bathroom-dance gyrations. At their most spiritual peak, bathroom lines are stolen moments with often like-gendered and sometimes like-minded revelers. And a stolen moment it was in a bathroom line at West Palm Beach’s Fort Dix where I was able to trap the ears and mind of the budding musician Mathew Sydney. First impressions: Sydney does not appear overly colorful or imposing. He doesn’t appear jaded and full of witticisms like so many gays today. He doesn’t seem overly concerned with class. I love D-major," Sydney tells me. Simple. Now, after listening to his music, simplicity is what I've come to love about the guitar-playing crooner. He radiates a refreshing brand of straightforwardness.  His personality and music make honesty easy and realness a virtue.  He is simply a gay man dealing with a gay world. If you need an example, then just listen to the song “Stacked Against You.” There is no trite-as-it-is-deep, overemotional outpouring. Instead, the song possesses a general gay truthfulness (reflected perfectly in the line: “You say you want me when you're chasing dick downtown."). Other songs like "The Fiddler,” "Don't Push,” and “Ace of Hearts” betray Sydney’s cigarette charm: part Marlboro man, part smoke-covered Courtney Love. Always sultry. Overall, Sydney is still a little raw, but I am totally taken by the friendly, pub-style mockery of his lyrics. In the future, I'd like to hear more crowd-riling jams and vocal-range exploration, but until then, fellow Palm Beachers, I recommend doing what I do and following his voice and career. Mathew Sydney is one musician worth standing in a bathroom line for. Check out Mathew Sydney’s upcoming shows and songs at” - Butch Bixley

The Examiner

A fundraiser at Max's Grille in Mizner Park reeled in more than $5,000 for Pelican Harbor Seabird Station to benefit the wildlife victims of the Gulf oil spill.  The event, co-sponsored by the Keyes Company, was headlined by local singer-songwriter Mathew Sydney and attracted more than 300 people.” - Editors

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