New Beginnings

It was just over a year ago, November of 2010, when I launched the first Mathew Sydney website.  That was an exciting time.  I was performing steady gigs at Mother Earth Coffee & Gifts, Bar Lake Worth and at Mojito's (later Luna Lounge and now The Speakeasy).  And that was when I released Drank Too Much... the EP with the bathtub and the cowboy hat :-)

Well it's a new year, which means a new site, a new look and, at long last, a new album... my first full-length studio album... 'The Game.'  Finally, through the support of the folks at Saturn Sound Studios and local musicians, I've been able to develop the kind of rock sound I dreamed of when I originally wrote all of these songs.  I hope to have the new album available for sale on by February 21st followed by a release concert and event at Club Mara on Saturday the 25th!

Until then, if you'd like to get a taste of the new sound, I'm giving away the first single from the new album.  You can download "You Know My Name" here.  Thank you for supporting independent music!