Album Review: 'RGB' by Virgins

I first met Virgins when they were called Group Mentality and they were traveling Florida on tour by bicycle.  Not only was I touched by their humility and grace but I was captivated by the energy of their live performance.  It’s amazing what two men can do with a guitar and a djembe.  You can categorize them as folk rock but that doesn’t do justice to their unique sound.  Perhaps “progressive folk” is a better moniker.  The bottom line is that if you enjoy mellow, acoustic music but you want to hear something truly unique, give Virgins a try.

Their first full-length album, ‘RGB,’ expands on their live sound with haunting backing tracks and and the kind of creative lead-ins between songs that you seldom see in music today.  Although it is full of great tracks, ‘RGB’ is an album along the lines of Pink Floyd’s ‘Ummagumma’ or Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Future Games.’  To truly appreciate it you must listen to the entire project in the original song order.  The elegant and creative arrangements and production lend the entire project great depth and delicious texture.

Each song is a gem.  “Don’t Worry About Wrinkles” features captivating lyrics with a sweet and endearing message about enduring love.  The sound of a rainstorm and footsteps at the end of “Silo” is the perfect garnish to a delicious sonic meal.  “Seeking” offers compelling musical hooks and is at turns brooding and joyful.  While “woe is me” seems to be the lietmotif of most acoustic music Virgins’ message is simply “Let’s enjoy life and be good to each other,”  a message I think we all need to take to heart.

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