Album Review: 'Lived In' by Richard Cortez

Get ready to fall in love!  Richard Cortez’s latest album, Lived In, is a beautifully recorded presentation of his live performance.  Featuring the favorites, “Be Alright” and “Craving Something Beautiful,” what really makes this album a keeper is the beauty of Cortez’s charm.  Whether through his passionate singing, his inspired guitar work or his gentle and honest repartee, each track sparkles with the artist’s sincere and endearing personality.  Cortez’s writing is rich with emotional texture.  His words, like all good poetry, paint pictures so vivid that the listener is transported in time and place.  With this live recording,  the brief introductions and low-key jokes interspersed between numbers reveal even more of the personal stories which inspired these songs.  Cortez is both witty and sweet, “You should be a therapist, not a mechanic,” he quips between songs.  The album includes such gems as “The Next Best Thing,” a ‘head bopping’ upbeat song about friends with benefits and “Separate Ways,” a heartbreaking story of unrequited love.  Lived In is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift from an irresistible artist who is bound to capture your heart.

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