Album Review: 'Deep Elevation' by Felicia Rose

“Deeper and deeper,” and “higher and higher” is just where Felicia Rose takes us on her newest album, ‘Deep Elevation.’  In a departure from the multi-layered harmonies and and lush arrangements of 2009’s ‘Indigo,’ ‘Deep Elevation’ stands out for its roots-rock, jam-band flavor.  This is the first Felicia Rose album to truly capture the passion of her live performance.  Even the Santana-inspired stylings of lead guitarist, Phill Fest, take a back seat with Rose in complete control as never before.  Percussionists Casey Buckley (of The People Upstairs) and Petro Bass provide the perfect balance that makes you want to kick off your shoes and dance in the surf.  Subtitled, ‘12 Songs for 2012,’ this album features a number of stand-out tracks.  From the reggae flavor of “No More War” to the bossa nova beat of “Angel Child,” it is evident that recording in south Florida has lent this project a definite Caribbean feel.  “When Will the Cycle Pass” reveals a songwriter who is not afraid to confront her own weaknesses and to even poke fun at her own humanity.  This is hot music with a precious message; as Rose clearly states in the lead track, “Walk in Faith!”

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