Album Review: The Lillies ROCK!

THIS is the kind of music radio needs.  The Lillies’ self-titled album highlights their ability to explore diverse musical styles while staying faithful to their signature sound.  The opening track, “Who Cares,” has HIT written all over it.  An art jazz intro segues into a rockin’ guitar riff that supports Bonoesque vocals and introduces the listener to The Lillies’ world of sonic magic.  “Just Breathe” features powerful lyrical imagery and a passionate guitar solo.  “Maria” illustrates the band’s ability to take Spanish music and make it their own while the captivating “Joany” leaves you wondering about the woman who inspired this haunting tale.


Great hooks, top-notch production and carefully crafted songwriting are just some of the band’s strengths.  I’ve been following The Lillies for a while and I’m thrilled that they’re still hard at work.  Listening to them reminds me of when mainstream music was great.  With guitar work inspired by 70s rock, melodies evocative of 90s pop and distinctive tempo changes, The Lillies craft a sound that is timeless and fresh at the same time. 


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