Yesterday marked the release of "Colleen Mine!"  This is a very special track because it's a fan favorite at my live shows but I seldom perform it anymore because it's the sort of quiet ballad that requires a subdued atmosphere for listeners to be able to hear it.  It's a very old Irish song about unrequited love but I chose to re-title it because "Coinleach Ghlas an Fomhair" is a mouthful... even if you speak Irish Gaelic. (Try saying 'Cunna Gloss un Oh-air' and you're pretty close.)

I also worked out an English translation that matches the meter of the original Irish lyrics so it can be sung in either language.  Perhaps one day I'll record the English version but Irish is such a beautiful language.  Even in Ireland very few people speak it anymore and I'm proud to be doing my own small part to keep this magical language alive.  The first time I performed the piece an audience member said, "That sounds like Elvish (meaning Tolkien's Quenya or Sindarin)!"  I considered that a great compliment and a testament to the euphony and mystique of Gaelige (Irish Gaelic).

Since I promised to make the English lyrics available on my website I went ahead and published all the lyrics from my albums so far.  Let me tell you, between trying to remember the words to songs I seldom perform anymore, copying them off of my old computer and looking them up in old emails I've sent to fans... it was a Promethean task!  I'm glad to say that the complete lyrics section of the website is convenient, accurate and good-looking!

Now I want to take a nap, LOL!