Gods on Earth are What You Are!

I'm excited to be wrapping up my latest project!


'Masks' is a five-song EP, and a follow-up to "Justice League," the single I released in 2014.  Some of these songs have been a part of my live set for years but a live acoustic setting was never what I planned for them.  In the arrangements on 'Masks' I pulled in elements of punk, post-punk/alternative, metal, and prog rock.  I wanted these songs to sound fabulous and colorful and weird, just like the mighty figures of modern myth who inspired them!


"Fires of Creation" is my homage to the X-men's Jean Grey/Phoenix.  It captures her duality is a "child of light and darkness."  I still remember the day I wrote this on my piano in my cottage apartment in Lake Worth, X number of years ago.  I knew in that moment that I had turned a corner as a songwriter, both lyrically and melodically.  


"Morlocks" is about the outcast mutants who live in the sewers of New York City.  In the hands of the incomparable Chris Claremont, these anti-heroes were, in the 1980s, a powerful counterpoint to the surface-dwelling X-men.  This track is my punk-rock love-letter to outcasts and misfits everywhere.  Not all of us have beautiful faces or perfect bodies or are socially acceptable, nevertheless, sometimes it's the most overlooked people who have the most to offer.  


Continuing with my X-men geekdom, "Gods on Earth" was inspired by one of the X-men movies. (First Class?  I can't remember.)  There's this great scene where Raven is flirting with Magneto and he tells her not to disguise herself for him.  Her natural blue-skinned form is perfect.  I've always been a huge Magneto fan and that scene made me fall in love with him all over again.  If you have a "Magneto was right" t-shirt, this song is for you.


"Diana" is actually written from the point of view of Queen Hippolyta right before Diana leaves Paradise Island to become Wonder Woman in Man's World.  Hippolyta, with her mother's intuition, knows that the greatest danger her daughter will face is to fall in love with a mortal man.  Wanting nothing more than to spare her daughter heartbreak and pain she implores her, "Diana, don't fall in love!"


"Eye of Agamotto" is my self-indulgent six-minute rock operatta.  Dr. Strange faces off against the Dread Dormammu with the spiritual assistance of the mysterious Vishanti:  The Lady of the Stars, The Ancient of Days, and the titular Agamotto.  


I had more fun making 'Masks' than any other project to date.  You definitely want these tracks on your playlist in the car next time you go to Comi-con or just to remind you that you ARE gods on earth!  "You know this world belongs to us!  Let those who hate live in fear.  Stand up!  Our time is here!"


We're looking at a release date of April 2nd but pre-orders may be available.  


I love you all!