ANTI-PIRACY OR ANTI-FREEDOM?  I normally stay out of politics.  Too much of it is based on a 'divide and conquer' strategy on the part of special interests, which has effectively hamstrung the voice of the common person.  I cannot remain silent, however, on the topic of free speech and free press!  I encourage you to carefully consider the so-called "anti-piracy" bill, SOPA; you must draw your own conclusions but I urge you to ask your representatives to stop SOPA/PIPA.

As a recording artist, of course I prefer that people buy my music and that they not copy and give away my songs for free but I would rather be a starving artist in a free world than a wealthy mogul in a world where the government has the power to shut down my website and shut down my voice without due process.  Yes, SOPA gives government the power to do that.  Since when are we guilty until proven innocent?  The corporations who are behind this bill have no choice but to fight against our freedom because their business model demands it.  A corporate executive for American Express or Pfizer or Time Warner can be sued by his shareholders if he doesn't do everything humanly possible to expand his corporation's power at the expense of our freedom EVEN IF HIS PERSONAL OPINION GOES AGAINST IT! So do not be angry with the people who run these corporations... in many ways they have less freedom than we and in many ways they are also slaves to the corporations which seek to erode our freedom.  Be cool, calm and collected.  Discuss the facts with family and friends and, please, ask your elected officials to support FREEDOM (even if it means Pfizer loses a few bucks.... believe me, they won't starve, and they sure as hell haven't been helping me pay MY bills).