Drank Too Much

Mathew Sydney

A rare live acoustic recording featuring Mathew Sydney's deeply personal writing style and his distinctive, heartfelt voice.

Mathew Sydney is a prolific songwriter whose original music is distinctive for its classic sound and irresistible hooks. Broadly defined as “indie rock,” Sydney’s music draws on elements of country, folk and soul. Contemporary influences range from The White Stripes and Neko Case but his music is firmly rooted in the classic rock tradition of Neil Young, Lou Reed and Fleetwood Mac.

Sydney's songs feature blunt, honest lyrics that vary from the haunting, chant-like tones of "Blackbird" ("Follow him down in the valley at night / Whisper my love in his ear tonight") to the outright hilarious "Stacked Against You" ("I was tied up on the bathroom floor / When you found me I was a tweaked out freezing whore").

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