The Game

Mathew Sydney

An unforgettable album of indie rock / indie pop tunes with a timeless classic rock feel. From the Keith Richards inspired guitar work on "Blue Car" to the mystical harmonies on "You Know My Name," this album is full of surprises.

Mathew Sydney's first full-length studio album highlights his versatility as a songwriter. "Blue Car" and "Stacked Against You" are straight-up rock songs with a classic 1970's feel. Guest vocalist, Felicia Rose, adds her magic to the sweet and spicy "Touch Me Like That" and to the eco-spiritual anthem, "You Know My Name." The new studio versions of "Blackbird" and "Drank Too Much" feature percussion by Casey Buckley of The People Upstairs. The jazz-flavored "A Hit of You" and the werewolf-themed "Little Hunter" are attention-grabbing examples of tight writing combined with creative production. On the two bonus tracks that close the album, "Phoenix" and "Undercover," Sydney teams up with producer Gil Martin to show that he can write electronic dance music with the same sensual charm and mystical flair that characterize his more roots-based pop/rock numbers.

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