Mathew Sydney

Comic book geeks, this EP is for you! Kick back and enjoy alternative and progressive rock tracks inspired by Marvel and DC characters such as Magneto, Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange and others!

In 'Masks,' Mathew Sydney returns to the comic-book-inspired alternative rock he explored in his 2014 single, "Justice League." Musically, the arrangements hearken back to 1980's progressive, metal, and punk stylings. The album opener, "Fires of Creation," is an homage to the X-Men's Jean Grey. "Morlocks" is both a punk anthem to the sewer-dwelling mutant anti-heroes and a rallying call to real-life geeks and outcasts everywhere. "Gods on Earth" is sure to please the "Magneto was right" geeks. The ballad, "Diana," captures a tender moment as Diana of Themyscira is about to depart Paradise Island for Man's World. "The Eye of Agamotto" is a six-minute rock operetta wherein the mysterious Vishanti help Dr. Strange overcome his nemesis, Dormammu. Add 'Masks' to your road trip playlist next time you're on your way to Comi-Con!

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