"Step into the circle..."

Welcome to the home of Mathew Sydney:  musician, songwriter and producer. 

UPDATE:  Produced and performed by Fosfero, 'Masks' is the follow-up to 2014's "Justice Leage."  Combining elements of post-punk and progressive rock, 'Masks' explores themes inspired by Marvel and DC characters such as Magneto, Wonder Woman, and Dr. Strange.  Add 'Masks' to your road trip playlist before your next drive to Comi-con or whenever you're ready to traverse the multiverse!


'Masks' EP April 2019

“Gypsy” Single January 2019

 ‘Sans Merci’ EP October 2018

“Justice League” Single June 2014

“Undercover” Single January 2014

“Colleen Mine” Single March 2013

“The Fiddler” Single August 2012

 ‘The Game’ LP February 2012

 ‘Drank Too Much’ EP January 2010